Our expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants bring objective viewpoints, technical skills, proven results, and a passion for utilizing technology to transform organizations. We provide the expertise and experience necessary to evaluate implementation and deployment plans and develop more effective strategies that benefit your organization long after our consultants leave the scene. The benefits to you are mitigated risk, lower costs, and faster deployments of new technologies.

To meet your business needs and budget, we have created three engagement models for our professional services. We refer to the first two models as Customer-Managed. This model is intended for customers who want to lead the engagement process themselves. It’s for customers who know what needs to be done and simply want to have one of our resources do the work for them. The customer-managed model is extremely flexible and agile for any customer who drives the project and guides the work on an as-needed basis.

Self Help On Demand Assistance Best Practices

Engagement Model #1 (Self-Serve/Self-help)

Under the Customer-Managed model our customers can take advantage of our self-serve Success Portal which is completely free. We refer to this as Engagement Model #1 (Self-Serve/Self-help). This model is best suited to CRM users who enjoy venturing into the solution on their own as well as those who wish to minimize the costs associated with their new CRM solution. When you choose to “Do It Yourself,” we provide you with unlimited access to our Success Portal training video library. You also get access to free Microsoft resources to help move you through the learning process. As you move along the continuum of mastery, you’ll develop the skill sets to gauge your evolving CRM business needs.

Engagement Model #2 (On-Demand Assistance)

Is designed to provide on-demand CRM consulting services through our prepaid blocks of time. Maybe you have some ideas about what you would like your CRM solution to do for your business, but you are not quite sure how to translate your ideas into practice. Or, you have requirements that you gathered yourself (or paid another consultant to gather) that you are ready to implement. Or, maybe you need assistance with a few small customization or integration projects.

Buying a prepaid block of consulting time allows you to access our Professional Services in convenient blocks of time that never expire. Buy a prepaid block of 10 hours to get you started on your projects with on-demand assistance from the CRM experts at xRM.

Engagement Model #2 compliments Engagement Model # 1 nicely as you can access our Professional Services any time you are ready. Leverage our resources on an as-needed basis by purchasing 10-hour discounted prepaid blocks of time that never expire. The time is consumed in thirty-minute increments and is administered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Engagement Model # 3 (Best Practices)

Is what we refer to as xRM-Managed. Our team of CRM experts will engage with you from the very beginning of the process, ensuring that you get a CRM solution that precisely meets your business needs and maximizes your return-on-investment. This is the engagement model to choose if you want a CRM solution delivered on time and on budget that is guaranteed to meet your business needs. This engagement model includes Project Management and is the only engagement model that can lead to a fixed-price Statement of Work (SOW).

It is for customers who need project management, who need solution architecture and design, or who are looking for xRM to proactively lead and deliver a completed project via a scope of work contract. For customers looking for us to architect an end-to-end solution, manage the entire project, and deliver it in an agreed-upon schedule, we recommend the xRM-managed model. This engagement model starts with on-site requirements gathering that results in the production of a Strategic Analysis document. Our best practices approach also includes fit gap analysis, design, project management, development, testing, deployment, training, and post-development support.

Working together with members of your team, our consultants decipher your business practices, workflows, and pain points, and develop a strategy to improve your organization’s efficiency, security, and profitability through the implementation of innovative Microsoft technologies.

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10 Hour Block
20 Hour Block