Plan II is designed to support up to 250 users and provides a higher level or performance and a higher SLA than Plan I. It is best suited for small to medium businesses that have requirements that cannot be met by the traditional public cloud options. This plan consists of a two Microsoft Dynamics 365 servers with a dedicated SQL Server database instance.

Minimum Commitment: $1,000/month

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hosting Plan II

Plan II includes the following:

  • Disaster recovery replication for both the Microsoft Dynamics 365 server and the SQL Server database instance
  • Daily full backups (incremental backups every 2 hours) for the SQL Server database instance
  • Access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 servers
  • Access to the SQL Server database instance
  • Dedicated network segment, firewall rules and load balancing rules
  • 99.5% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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