Plan III is designed to support more than 250 users and provides a higher level or performance and a higher SLA than Plan II. It is best suited for enterprise businesses that have requirements that cannot be met by the traditional public cloud options. This plan consists of a two CRM Front End servers, two CRM Platform servers, a dedicated SQL Reporting Server, with a dedicated SQL Server database instance.

Minimum Commitment: $15,000/month

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hosting Plan III

Plan III includes the following:

  • Production Environment (Two CRM Front End Servers, Two CRM Platform Servers, SQL Reporting Server, SQL Server Database instance)
  • Development Environment (One CRM Front End, One CRM Platform, One SQL Server)
  • Test Environment (One CRM Front End, One CRM Platform, One SQL Server)
  • 1TB bandwidth on Content Delivery Network
  • 1TB geo-redundant storage
  • Disaster recovery replication for both the Microsoft Dynamics 365 servers and the SQL Server database instance
  • Daily full backups (incremental backups every 2 hours) for the SQL Server database instance
  • Access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 servers
  • Access to the SQL Reporting Server
  • Access to the SQL Server database instance
  • Dedicated network segment, firewall rules and load balancing rules
  • 99.9% availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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