As part of any deployment there will always be a need for troubleshooting issues as they arise. Whether it be due to new software, a new configuration or data changes your application will evolve and produce unexpected behaviors as a result. Being able to track down and resolve such issues are crucial to providing a stable and productive environment.

At xRM we provide a wealth of self service troubleshooting tools. Due to the unprecedented access you have to the servers in the private cloud, you will be able to investigate server event logs, log files and trace files. You will even be able to enable and access verbose logs for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

xRM can also provide access to extended application monitoring tools to ensure the optimal operation of your environment with proactive alerts and maintenance suggestions. Our full suite of troubleshooting and maintenance tools and services include:

  • Real time Windows and SQL monitoring
  • Short term (7 days) repository of monitoring snapshots (every 5 minutes)
  • Trend analysis for SQL server to isolate troublesome workloads and proactive maintenance
  • External real browser transactions to monitor performance and availability from over 120 countries worldwide
  • Browser agents to monitor performance and availability from any customer location
  • Application performance agents to track deep performance metrics at every level of the application – from the client machine all the way down to the database
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