f-portal_1024x1024 CRM Quick Start Vertex Portal Deployment


Here’s the quickest, most efficient, and most affordable way to get your web-based CRM Vertex Portal up and running. It supports CRM Online or Partner-Hosted Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Vertex Online (the cloud version). It doesn’t support on-premises Vertex, where your company hosts the portal on its own web server, but please contact us for that service separately. This package includes a backup of any existing customizations, installation of the CRM Vertex solution into your CRM instance, and the initial portal deployment and configuration. We work with you to set the name of the portal, the display name of the company, the currency, and the application of the license key. We included theming using primary and secondary colors and branding with a logo if you have one. Additional theming or design services are beyond the scope of this package but are available separately. We apply your Terms and Conditions to the portal if you have them. Deployment is typically completed in only a few hours, depending on your supplying any necessary details listed above. Ongoing portal-configuration support after initial deployment is not included but is available outside this package.

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